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Audi South Africa and the Audi Dealer network have made significant progress in the past 3 years and the brand has grown its share of the premium market in South Africa from 16% in 2009 to 20.5% September YTD in 2012. Along with premium market share growth, the brand has also enjoyed improved brand stature and image at many levels. The 44 Audi Dealers within South Africa have played an essential role in developing the local growth momentum with substantial investments in state-of-the-art dealerships.

Central to the Audi strategy is the imperative of delighting customers worldwide. This is a multi-faceted approach to ensure that the Audi customer is rewarded at every touchpoint within the customer journey. The Audi Dealer forms an integral part of the customer experience and is the primary driver of customer delight, hence one of the goals of the Audi strategy is to ensure that 90% of Audi volume is retailed through an exclusive Audi Dealer network by the year 2020. (To secure long-term growth, Audi South Africa is aspiring to be the most attractive premium motor franchise in the South African motor industry by the year 2020.)

The Audi Dealer Network is made up of 23 brand exclusive Audi Centres and 21 Dual Dealers (Volkswagen and Audi sharing the same building). By the end of this year, there will be 28 brand exclusive Audi Centres. Most exciting are the 9 Audi Terminals which will be completed and fully functional by the end of 2012. There are currently 3 Audi Terminals in South Africa, of which the first was Audi Centre Hatfield, opened in March 2010 by the independently owned Hatfield Motor Group. The second terminal was Audi Centre Somerset West which opened in March 2011 and is owned by the Kelston Motor Group. The third Terminal was that of Audi Centre Northcliff opened by the Daytona Motor Group in November 2011. All 3 Dealerships cost an estimated R130 million.

The "Audi Terminal" is a new global Audi architecture representing dynamism, asymmetry and transparency. These architectural pillars are central to the design intentions of the Audi brand architecture and act as the determining elements of the Audi Terminal. The architecture stands back in favour of the products on show and enhances their presence. At the same time, its outer appearance communicates the fascination of the Audi brand, amplifying core brand values such as innovation, challenge, dynamics, proximity and openness. Spacious interior areas and subtle accents combined with carefully selected materials make for a high-quality, classy and refined architectural style. The transparency of the Audi showroom openings and the spacious ambience of the interior are significant factors resulting in the Audi Terminal's pleasant, inviting atmosphere. The innovative architecture owes itself to progressive materials and building systems. The Audi Terminal building type is a symbol of the Audi brand. Its innovative architecture makes it an iconographic signal in the urban environment.

These investments also show no sign of slowing down. There are currently Terminals under construction at Audi Centre Rivonia, Audi Centre Pinetown, Audi Centre Mbombela, Audi Centre Rustenburg, Audi Centre Pietermaritzburg and Audi Centre East London. Most of these 6 Dealerships will be completed before the end of December 2012. This amounts to an estimated investment of close to R400 million in 2012. The year 2013 will also see the ground-breaking of 6 further Terminals in South Africa. These Terminals are Audi Centre Sandton, Audi Centre Claremont, Audi Centre Bloemfontein, Audi Centre Durban, Audi Centre Glenvista and Audi Centre Menlyn.

"Audi South Africa is grateful for the significant investment and unwavering confidence that the Dealer network displays in the Audi brand. Our goal is to delight customers at their every interaction with the brand, and the dealership environment is key in achieving this goal. The brand is one the fastest growing in the country, and it is only because of the dedication and achievements of our Dealer network that we are able to remain a passionate contender in the premium segment. Audi wants to be the most attractive premium motor brand and franchise in the South African motor industry by the year 2020." says Ryan Searle, Head of Audi South Africa.

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