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1. Introduction

1.1 Audi South Africa, a division of Volkswagen of South Africa (Pty) Ltd (“Audi SA”) has developed the myAudi world Portal (“the Portal”) in order to provide you with access to information relating to your Audi vehicle and other Audi products in general, as well as enable you to access various services.

1.2 Audi SA has agreed with various Service Providers that certain benefits will be made available to you arising from your membership of the myAudi world programme and use of the Portal.

1.3 The terms and conditions relating to your use of the Portal are contained on this webpage.

2. Compliance

2.1 By accessing this Portal you agree to the terms and conditions set out below.

2.2 If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, please discontinue your access to the Portal.

3. Interpretation

3.1 Reference to “we” or “us” shall mean Audi SA, its employees and service providers.

3.2 The clause headings are for referencing purposes only.

3.3 By accessing the Portal you warrant your authority to do so.

3.4 The rule of construction that an Agreement shall be interpreted against the party responsible for the drafting or interpretation of the Agreement, shall not apply.

4. Application of Additional Terms

4.1 The terms and conditions of this Portal are subject to the agreement between Audi SA and the Service Provider, as may be amended from time to time.

4.2 The provision of benefits to you will be subject to the relevant Service Provider’s Terms and Conditions. In this regard the agreement to which a specific benefit relates shall be between you and the Service Provider.

5. Privacy

5.1 Audi SA recognises the importance of protecting your privacy. We will therefore not disclose any personal or sensitive information about you to any company, organisation or person outside of Audi SA; its service providers; associated companies and authorised Dealers, except where Audi SA is legally obliged to disclose such information.

5.2 Arising from your access to the Portal, Audi SA may collect technical data about the type of internet browser and computer operating system that you use. This information does not identify you as an individual and is used only for tracking of site use. We might also place a "cookie" on your hard drive that will help us to identify you when you return to the site and allow us to tailor content to your personal preferences. If you do not wish to use cookies you may disable this option in your Internet browser settings. Cookies can also be removed from your computer.

6. Information Displayed on Portal

6.1 The accuracy of the information specific to you and your vehicle that is contained on the Portal depends on the data that you provide. Please therefore ensure that the information you upload onto the Portal or otherwise provide to us is accurate.

6.2 Apart from the information referred to above, the specifications, information and illustrations contained or referred to on this Portal are subject to change. In addition, some specifications used for illustrational purposes may not be released on the South African market. Please therefore consult Audi SA, your Audi Dealer or the relevant Service Provider, depending on the information you require, to discuss any specific information you may require. Neither Audi SA nor Audi Dealers accept responsibility for reliance on the information contained on this Portal.

7. Intellectual Property Rights

7.1 This Portal is published by Audi SA and is protected by copyright and other intellectual property rights. All designs, text, graphics, typographical arrangements, trademarks, logos and all other material on this Portal are the intellectual property of Audi Aktiengesellschaft (“Audi AG”), other Volkswagen Group Companies or their service providers and suppliers. No licence to any of the abovementioned intellectual property is granted through this Portal.

7.2 Accessing this Portal does not grant you a licence to use, right or interest in the intellectual property. You undertake not to challenge or in any way assist others in challenging the validity of or rights to the intellectual property.

7.3 Permission is granted to electronically copy and print hard copy portions of this Portal for the sole purpose of obtaining information relating to Audi products. Any other use of materials on this Portal including reproduction for purposes other than specified above, use for commercial purposes, modification, distribution or publication without the prior written permission of Audi SA is prohibited.

7.4 It is expressly prohibited for any person to gain or attempt to gain unauthorised access to any material on this Portal, or to deliver or attempt to deliver any unauthorised, damaging or malicious code to this Portal. Any person who contravenes this provision or infringes the rights of Audi SA; Audi AG and/or other Volkswagen Group Companies in any manner may be subject to civil or criminal liability.

8. Disclaimer and Liability

8.1 The information on this Portal is provided without any warranty, express or implied. We accordingly accept no liability arising from the information being unsuitable for any specific purpose, outdated, inaccurate or incomplete.

8.2 Audi SA shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, special or consequential loss or damage (whether for profit or loss or otherwise), costs, claims, expenses, royalties, usage rights, publication of images or materials posted on websites generally or other claims for compensation / fees whatsoever, which arise out of the incorrect use of this Portal or the information, content, materials or products appearing on the Portal or any links to the Portal.

8.3 By accessing this Portal, you indemnify Audi SA, its employees, agents and service providers against any claims by third parties arising from your access.

8.4 Audi SA does not accept any responsibility or liability for loss or damage arising from access to or the conclusion of any electronic or other transactions in respect of goods, services, communications or material on any website that is linked from or to this Portal. In this regard it is recorded that Audi SA shall not be party to the agreement between you and the Service Providers providing the benefits referred to in this Portal or part of the supply chain as defined in the Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008.

8.5 Although we endeavour to provide accurate information, Audi SA, its agents, sub-contractors and Dealers do not accept liability for any inaccuracies (whether typographical or otherwise) reflected in this Portal or any links to this Portal.

9. Interruption, Suspension or Termination of Website

9.1 Audi SA reserves the right, in its sole discretion and without notice, to interrupt, modify, suspend or terminate this Portal or part of the Portal, and to change the software and/or hardware required to access the Portal. Audi SA will however, where practicable, provide notice of such changes.

9.2 Any change will become effective upon publication on the Portal.

9.3 By continuing to use the Portal, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions in place at the time of your access.


Audi SA reserves the right to prevent your access to this Portal if you misuse it in any manner. Prevention of access shall be in the sole discretion and in addition to any other rights Audi SA or any other Volkswagen Group company may have.


10.1 You are responsible for the security of your passwords. Please therefore ensure that no one accesses them.

10.2 When sending an e-mail or other electronic communication to Audi SA or to any of the service providers whose websites are linked to this Portal, you are responsible for taking appropriate security precautions to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of your communication.

10.3 Communication sent to Audi SA or the abovementioned service providers through this Portal may be unencrypted. There is therefore no guarantee relating to the confidentiality and integrity of the content.

Governing Law

These terms and conditions are subject to South African law. The parties to any dispute or action hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the South African courts.

Access to information

According to the Promotion of Access to Information Act 2 of 2000, company records are accessible to the public under certain circumstances. If you would like records that Audi SA might have, which you believe can be disclosed by Audi SA, download the fees document that lists the costs and type of information available. Then complete the form and return it to the address given in the form.

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