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Audi Digital Service Schedule

More information on the Audi Digital Service Schedule:

All model year 2014 onwards will enjoy the new online Digital Service Schedule.

We recognise the importance of keeping your car's service work recorded and up-to-date. Especially when retaining a full Audi service history can help to preserve the future resale value of your car. So to ensure this important record is kept as accurately and securely as possible, we've now introduced the Digital Service Schedule.

What's changed?

The Digital Service Schedule is replacing the traditional service book. Previously filled-in and verified by hand, the service history will now be created and stored digitally in an Audi central database. You will receive a printout of the entire service record to keep in the wallet at the back of your service book. This will replace the previously completed pages.

Greater security

You will receive a printout of your car's service history, complete with security code. This can be verified by your local Audi Dealer to check for authenticity, and provides additional security when buying or selling a used Audi in the future.

The record will be stored by Audi for the lifetime of the vehicle. No personal information is held on this system, only the vehicle's service history.

Peace of mind

You'll never need to worry about your service record being lost, damaged or altered. That's because our digital service record can instantly be accessed by any Audi Dealer in South Africa, and reprinted whenever you may need it. So if for any reason you need to change your local Audi Dealer, it's simple to make the switch.

And as we'll update your records digitally when you come in for a service, there won't be any missing records when you come to sell the vehicle.


The Digital Service Schedule is applicable to all Audi models built from August 2013 onwards. All vehicles built before this date will continue to have the service history recorded in the traditional paper service book.

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